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Moorend Lane Development Application MW.0163/22 

The Moorend Lane application by Clarke Contracting has been scheduled to go forward to the next Planning Committee meeting since early last year, as each meeting approaches it get pushed back to a further meeting as to quote OCC “there are still outstanding issues”.

OCC dept last summer, who after investigating, forced Clarke to stop operations at the site around August and  we understand it is still the case.

There was a period of secondary consultation allowed around Aug/Sep 2023 during which Clarke Contracting paid for yet more consultation reports which rejected all the objections logged up to that time.

The LPRA has submitted a written document outlining objections raised by residents.

The next OCC Planning and Regulation committee is Monday, 15 July (2pm) as advised by Emma Bolster (Miss), Planning Officer, Development Management – Planning, Environment and Climate Change, Environment and Place

Barry Hack as our LPRA representative will be requesting to speak at the meeting to outline objections as to why this should not be approved.


As soon as we know any more we will let you know

Moorend Lane Development

OCC is considering Moorend Farm as a location for a new recycling plant for demolition and construction waste. Link to OCC notice.

​Having collected your views here is our letter objecting to this proposal. Link to LPRA letter.

The LPRA have a meeting with Oxfordshire County Council on the 17th July regarding the planning application for Moorend Lane development.

We know this means a lot to our residents and we are fighting your corner to put a stop to this development.

We will keep you all informed as we progress with this.

Watch this space ………..

The planning application, MW.0163/22 Land adjacent sewage works, Moorend Lane, Thame is undetermined. There will be a further consultation, for all those originally consulted on MW.0163/22, to submit views on the additional information provided. The public consultation will run from 31 August – 21 September.

Updated Information

The planning application, MW.0163/22 Land adjacent sewage works, Moorend Lane, Thame is undetermined.  There will be a further consultation, for all those originally consulted on MW.0163/22, to submit views on the additional information provided.  The public consultation will run from 31 August – 21 September.

This is an update on the latest letter we have received in regards to the planning application. This is an important letter which highlights the deadline for getting comments in by the 21st September.  So please read through and get in touch as soon as you can.

12 Responses

  1. We are concerned if this goes ahead for our area the traffic is bad enough at the Cromwell junction without this going ahead. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and you have our full support in stopping this from going ahead.

  2. Extremely concerned about this. If it goes ahead it will, I feel, have a huge detrimental effect on our estate.

  3. 🤔Needs mini roundabouts both ends of Cromwell as well as 20 mph through out 🤪 as a deal 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Extremely concerning, particularly in relation to increased noise, excess traffic/heavy goods vehicles on the ring road/exiting Cromwell Avenue (near an existing well used footpath) and potential increase in pollution/environmental toxins/waste/fumes (depending on what precisely they’ll be doing there). There are other locations they could use for this that are not located so close to residential housing. This brings no benefit to Lea Park.

  5. I don’t know why this location was chosen- it is far too close to the residential area of Lee Park and will add significantly to the existing traffic congestion. Why hasn’t the industrial site at the top roundabout above Lord Bill’s been considered instead? Far better located away from residential areas with exactly the same road approaches. No brainer I think.

  6. Why was this location even on the list to be chosen. It will be far too close to Lee Park and will add significantly to the existing traffic congestion. The industrial site at the top roundabout above Lord Williams is far more suitable and should be considered as the best choice as it will be far away from any residential site.

  7. I can only assume that nobody from OCC has visited the site and it’s nearby roads. Both Cromwell Avenue junctions are dangerous enough already without the inevitable increase in traffic, particularly large, heavy vehicles. Added to this the environmental impact on an area used by many walkers, not to mention the playground, houses and sports pitches very close by. This is a terrible idea and the must be better alternative locations.

  8. The Cromwell Avenue junctions are already dangerous, and the additional traffic, especially large vehicles, will worsen the situation. The environmental impact on walkers, the playground, houses, and sports pitches nearby is unacceptable. There must be better alternative locations.
    Furthermore, I came across information indicating that all the waste to be processed at the site will originate from Buckinghamshire, and the contractor seeking to operate the site is based in Buckinghamshire as well. This arrangement offers absolutely no advantages to Oxfordshire.

  9. When these lorries were operating a couple of years back they caused havoc on the roads and caused a huge amount of damage to the road surface, which still persists today. The traffic situation all around Thame has got increasingly difficult since I moved here in 1998, and the Cromwell Avenue junction has existing problems which will be compounded. There are absolutely no positives for the residents and the environment in Thame for this development. It amounts to the building and aggregates industry dumping it’s detritus on our doorstep. When people find out I live in Thame they say ‘Ah yes, Thame’s very nice’ my reply is ‘It used to be, but hundreds upon hundreds of new houses with no investment in infrastructure, coupled with a slow lingering demise of the High Street has left the place a shadow of it’s former self’. Now we could also be home to an industrial waste processing site as well.

  10. The site is too near housing and the by-pass is so much busier with all the new builds in Thame – large vehicles turning will cause chaos and add risk.
    It is also very close to an area where children cross the road to access recreational areas.
    This is the wrong site for such a development

  11. I agree with the comments that have already been posted.
    Plenty of other sites for heavy construction traffic without coming to our town.
    Just be a matter of time before there’s a bad accident.

  12. That junction opposite the junction with Cromwell Avenue is already dangerous. The lorries cannot see to the right as they leave and hence already have to always turn left. Even more lorries would be horrendous. I think there are already signs of the tarmac being squashed out at the side of the road. Also I would question the land use for this. With the population of Thame increasing I would think the sewage works should have priority on land space, which would be of benefit to the whole community. It’s not pleasant but it is essential.

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