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This page is for your views that we receive

As we receive your views on our estate we will put them here for all to see and share.

Please keep them coming in as we love to see what you feel strongly about in our area and see what really means to you on the Lea Park Estate

Me and my family have lived in lea park for 34 yrs, having been in two different houses.
what bugs me are the number of commercial vehicles parked about the estate but especially on cromwell ave. Is this something we just have to tolerate please?

also gradual tree loss, unfortunately the developers planted many trees in front gardens which residents have then removed. in addition the council devistate publicly positioned trees with their ‘pruning’ and removal. consequently parts of the estate have a bleak appearance.

my feeling is the estate’s appearance is gradually becoming eroded by these issues and also by the council’s policy of selling off incidental amenity land that was part of the estates original open space provision.

Ian Douglas 

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