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Improvements finally underway in our area

The Moat

The footpath along Cromwell Ave, adjacent to the Moat, is finally being repaired. Hopefully this is a start of many things needed and well overdue in our area.

Ormond Road

White line gang has been highlighting areas where there are dropped kerbs and adding dropped kerbs in places where there were none. You might of seen them popping up in our area but this was the latest one at the bottom of Ormond Road.

If you have found anything in your area of Lea Park area that has been or being repaired please let us know in the form below. We would love to share it all here for all residents to see what is being done in their area.

There are some repairs to the road surface of Cromwell Ave – between the bottom of Lenthall Green and Marston Road.

They don’t offer a full and complete repair, but it’s something. It needs some rain to really show what it looks like.

Many thanks to Sian Jenkins for your email.
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